Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All talk, no walk. Enough already!

All too often I hear talk that outstrips actual ability. Why settle for talker? Do-ers are better. I hear complaints, yet no one dares to call offenders out.

I do.

When interviewing potential team members, I have a reputation for being tough. I ask for proof of skill. Words on a resume are not enough.

A team is a unit that shares successes and failures. There's no time for incompetence, backstabbing or finger pointing. Life is not like Mr. Trump's Apprentice. To my dismay, the backstabbing that is so rife on the show is commonplace. I don't want someone like that on my team. Petty squabbles and laziness are unacceptable.

And so I invest time to seek the right person. Yes, it is an investment. Hiring the right person leads to better productivity. And better quality of life at work. Making a good hire is about improving a team, not filling an empty slot.

-Dr. Dave

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