Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Exam Taking Philosophy: Pick the low-hanging fruit; don't dwell

The sweet siren song of summer vacation beckons, but before you can succumb to its tune, final exams block your path. Ah, the memories...

Exam Strategy 101
After all the studying is done and the books and notes are set aside, the only thing that's left is to rock the exam. Ithe sciences, a killer strategy makes your studying count.

Having been a chemistry instructor at the university level (which means I have written exams), I recommend ploughing through each page and pick off the questions you know how to answer. Not only will you knock a lot of questions out of the way, but you will also get a feel-good mental boost.

Pay attention to problems throughout the exam because little clues may trigger your studying memory. Numerous times during chemistry and physics exams, I often found clues in later problems that help solve the ones I could not.

My last bit of advice works best for people who trust themselves: once you are certain of your response, don't second guess yourself. I knew many students who changed a correct answer to a wrong one. Trust your instincts. Unless you are 100% certain an answer is wrong, don't change it.

Happy studying!

Dr. Dave

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