Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Great Chicago Blizzard of 2011?

The weather is pretty rough out in Chicago. Visibility is about 1/2 mile, the snow is falling horizontally, and it's COLD! I can hear the wind howl against my windows. I hope they hold.

Although I have lived in Chicago for nearly a decade, to date the only blizzards I have experienced are from Dairy Queen. But I'm not worried. I'm prepared (food, water, alternate heat source, etc.). Despite the creaking and groaning, I'm looking forward to my first blizzard. I've experienced major typhoons, monsoons, and earthquakes. I guess I can now add a blizzard to the list.

But what makes a blizzard? According to the National Weather Service, if the wintry weather meets the following criteria:

-Visibility reduced to 1/4 mile
-Sustained winds of 35 mph
-3 hours or more in duration

...then it's a blizzard!

Plus, tonight we might have thundersnow. Wow!

Dr. Dave

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