Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fussing and Feuding over Health Care

Pundits view last week's midterm election victory for the GOP as a sign of voters' discontent with the Democratic Party. Yes, the economy stinks and unemployment is high, but it appears that many voters are also against the "affordable health care" bill that was passed earlier this year. It's not a perfect bill, but I remind everyone that legislation is never perfect.

As the dust settles, newly elected GOP leaders are not wasting any time. First on the chopping block is the health care bill. Or so they say. Keep in mind that it's easy to say things on the campaign trail, but when reality hits they may have to eat their words. Let's wait and see.

My view

To anyone who wishes to make an informed opinion about health care, I suggest watching Frontline's Sick Around the World. After watching this Frontline episode, I wondered how is it that France, Germany, Taiwan, etc. can implement universal health coverage, and we can't?

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