Monday, November 1, 2010

Alcohol more harmful than crack or heroin?

A recent and somewhat controversial study evaluating the classifications of various drugs (legal and illegal) in the UK was published in the medical journal The Lancet (you can also read a summary in the GuardianUK). The authors of the Lancet article claim that alcohol is more harmful than crack or heroin when evaluating for harm caused in three categories (physical, dependence, and social).

Wow! More harmful than crack or heroin? That's a bold statement.

My Opinion

Alcohol is a drug. And just because it is sold legally in stores does not make alcohol less of a drug.

I don't enjoy drinking alcohol. If had to have a drink, I much prefer heart-healthy red wine (half glass at most) and always with a meal.

Seeing others drunk and the consequences thereof was a major turn-off during my high-school and college years. My thoughts when I saw my first drunk person were something along the lines of--you must really not like yourself if you want to drink something that makes you suffer later or can kill you.

I'm not a teetotaler. If people want to drink to "have a good time" then more power to them. As long as the inebriated crowd stays off the roads and out of my house, I'm fine.

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