Friday, October 29, 2010

God Supports Stem Cell Research: The Power of Flawed Logic

Disclaimer: If you have don't have a sense of humor, then please stop reading.

Logically flawed arguments tend to find traction in a society that's too lazy to think for themselves. Throughout the course of history, politicians and religious leaders have used this unfortunate truth to drive their personal agendas. Does the term "death panel" ring a bell?

Sometimes science, logic and knowledge take a backseat when masses of misinformed mediocre minds mount protests. So rather than fighting this battle head-on, why not fight fire with fire and engage in guerrilla campaign of flawed logic to change minds?

On that note, here's a mix of science and religion to promote the "Religious Right's" support stem cell research:

FACT:Bone marrow contains stem cells.
Since Eve was born from Adam's rib, god must have manipulated Adam's stem cells to create Eve.
Therefore, god supports stem cell research.

Now that's logic a certain former Alaskan governor can understand!

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