Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's wrong with this picture

My wife and I visited friends over the July 4th weekend. On our way home on I-65 (somewhere between Indianapolis and Chicago) we exited the interstate to fill our car's gas tank. That's when I noticed something odd about the first gas station we passed (see the picture above).

Can you guess what's wrong?

Hint #1: Gasoline burns when exposed to fire

Hint #2: Fireworks are small explosives

Not wanting to risk our safety, we returned to the interstate to fill-up at a gas station 10 miles away. Why? It takes one idiot with a lighter to trigger an explosion at a combination fireworks/gas station and we did not want to be around for the show.

Did anyone else question the safety of the combination fireworks/gas station or was common sense also on holiday over the July 4th weekend?

-Dr. Dave

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