Friday, July 2, 2010

Time for a change

I started for my then 10 year-old cousin. He'd always ask me how everyday things work (e.g., airplanes, microwave ovens) and I would do my best to explain so he could understand. I must have done something right because I received requests from kids and adults around the world a few months later.  And so I wrote. And wrote.

Writing simple and accurate responses to complicated questions is both challenging and time consuming. In the beginning, blogging was a welcome distraction from the monotony of chemistry graduate school. Yes, the science was fascinating but the daily routine of experimentation and failure wore me down. Blogging kept my spirits up and my mind sharp.

After graduating with my Ph.D. in chemistry, blogging also helped me land a job as a science writer! Amazingly I used the same skills I developed while blogging to write and review scientific documents for pharma companies. Unfortunately my job leaves little time to think about blogging about how things work. But I still want to write! What to do?

Well, I finally decided that this blog will no longer be a how-does-it-work site. Rather, I will write about things I've learned, thoughts about whatever is on my mind, and funny and not-so-funny incidents I've experienced while trying to navigate the worlds of science and business.

And with that, I start new.

Dr. Dave

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