Sunday, April 12, 2009

Memories: Dr. Dave in 1996

Although I moved into my home 6 months ago, the process of unpacking miscellaneous things takes a very long time. Some say that laziness is to blame; I blame nostalgia.

The other day, I pulled out a box labeled "Miscellaneous," which is a catchall for "I don't know where this goes so throw it in here." The optimist within me figured that this was an hour's task. When I came across a video tape labeled "The Furleys" the memories began to flow and time stood still.

The human brain is an incredible computer. Everybody has special abilities, whether it's athletics, mathematics, or art, people harness the power of their mind to accomplish great things. My special gift is memory. In my world, smells, sights, tastes, and sounds transport me back in time and play memories like a movie in front of eyes. This happens when I am asleep or awake. It's an amazing experience that I wish I could bottle and share with others.

Dr. Dave in a "Music Video"
So when I unearthed a VHS tape (yes, old school, I know) of my high school garage band, "The Furleys," my memories brought the unpacking process to an abrupt halt.

I really wanted to learn how to fly in high school, but the costs kept me grounded. I convinced my parents that drumming would be a cheaper option. It was. They agreed. They tolerated the noise. Bless them.

As my skills improved, I started playing in various garage bands and we eventually became good enough to play at house parties. Although I felt out of place at these parties, as long as I was playing the drums, I had a great time.

In my senior year of high school (1996), The Furleys were invited to play and be filmed for the school's TV Media program. We played a 2-hour set of original and cover songs, which were all contained within that tape.

I watched the entire tape and made a digital copies of two of my favorite songs, "Natives are Restless" and "My TV." You can watch the videos below. Enjoy!

Dr. Dave

Natives are Restless


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