Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dr. Dave meets Amy Freeze!

Just an update... I was invited to meet Fox News Chicago's Chief Meteorologist Amy Freeze this past Thursday! Amy was very kind, as was the entire news team. I have pictures and videos to document the visit, which I will share with you. More details later, but here's a picture of Amy Freeze and me together in front of her green screen:

That's really cool! Tune in for more on the visit later!

Dr. Dave

Friday, February 6, 2009

Predicting the Weather-Chicago Style

Chicagoans have reliable TV weathermen and women who know how to interpret and report the weather. It’s a challenging job because the weather in Chicago is so erratic.

A weatherperson (called a meteorologist) gathers and interprets scientific data from a network of weather balloons, satellites, and local weather radar stations. (You may have heard the term “Doppler radar,” I’ll explain what it is in a later post.)

Data, such as winds at different altitudes, moisture content, temperature changes, etc., are used to generate weather maps and computer models that help to predict what the weather will be like in the future, which is called a forecast.

If you have to venture outside, pay attention to the weather forecast, it will let you know what to wear!

I often look forward to the weather report as others would look forward to the sports report. In Chicago, there are two meteorologists whom I enjoy watching, WGN’s Tom Skilling and WFLD’s Amy Freeze.

Tom Skilling

Tom Skilling does a fabulous job of presenting the weather data. He not only tells you what the weather will be like, he also tells you why it is going to be that way, but he does it in a subtle way. Tom Skilling’s weather reports are educational yet easy to understand. You can read Tom’s blog entitled Before the Forecast at the link below:

Amy Freeze

Fox News Chicago’s meteorologist Amy Freeze has a very relaxed way of presenting the weather. Her weather reports are like having a conversation with your friend about skies above Chicago. Amy also has the easy-going educational style that Tom Skilling has, and, with a name like Freeze, she’s ideally suited to be a Chicago meteorologist! (I’m sure she’s heard that before!)

Read more about Amy at the links below:

I work in the same building as WFLD-Fox News Chicago and I’ve seen Amy Freeze broadcast outside during a Chicago Fire Kick for Playoff Tickets Contest (I won a t-shirt that day)

Amy, if you read this post, I would love to visit the Fox News Weather Center!

Dr. Dave