Monday, December 29, 2008

Songs in the Key of Science

In college I came across a recording of song entitled "Why Does the Sun Shine?" performed by the quirky alternative rock stalwarts They Might Be Giants.

As far a science songs go, it rocks! Here's a YouTube clip that puts visuals to the song:

It's a Cover?
I dug around the internet and discovered that "Why Does the Sun Shine?" was originally written in the 1960s. This
website has a brief history and links to all the songs of the science albums.

Cheesy Songs
Songs about science may not get radio play, but they have their place in education.

My high school chemistry teacher had an album of science songs that he would play at the end of class while we were packing up our things. These songs were bad and, as is the rule for all bad songs, they would stick in your head.

Come exam time, all complaints would disappear because most people would hum these songs to get to the right answer.

Do you have memories of any science songs? Please share.

Dr. Dave

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